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Journal of Economic Asymmetries

Volume Six: $150 (three issues)

Published in September 2009, The Journal of Economic Asymmetries features guest editors X. Dassiou and D. Glycopa, with managing editor James Brox.

Volume 6 Issue 3 includes the following papers:
• “On the Optimality of the Freidman Rule with Costly Tax Enforcement,” by Marcelo Arbex and Anne Vilamil.

Previous Volumes:
Volume Five 2008: $100 (two issues)
Volume Four 2007: $100 (two issues)
Volume Three 2006: $100 (two issues)
Volume Two 2005: $100 (two issues)
Volume One 2004: $100 (two issues)

Set of all previous five volumes (ten issues): $300

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Conference Publications from the Athenian Policy Forum:

Structural Reform and the Transformation of Organizations and Businesses

A study in the structure, performance and reform of economics, organizations and business throughout the globe. This volume reproduces fifteen of the thirty-two papers presented at a conference on structural reform and the transformation of organizations and businesses, sponsored by the Ashcroft International Business School and the Athenian Policy Forum, held at Homerton College, Cambridge, September 3-6, 2003.

Edited by James A. Brox, Ross E. Catterall, and Peter Koveos, the volume includes the following papers:
• “The Search for the Grail of Development,” by R.S. Eckaus
• “Dependence of Economic Growth on Human and Physical Capital: Developed and Emerging Nations,” by Edward Nissan and George Carter

Globalization, Governance and Public Policy

A study in economic policy. This volume reproduces sixteen of the thirty-five papers originally presented at a conference on globalization and innovation in governance in the 21st century, sponsored by the Centre ofr International Governance Innocation, the University of Waterloo and the Athenian Policy Forum, and held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, June 15-18, 2006.

Edited by James A. Brox and Peter Koveos, the volume includes the following papers:
• “The Rationality of Violent Conflict,” by Michael C. Howard and Ramesh C. Kumar
• “Heilbroner and Bernstein on Debt and Budget Deficits,” by Robert W. Dimand and Robert H. Koehn

Global Economics of a Changing Environment

Papers from the 9th Biennial Conference organized jointly by the Athens University of Economics and business, Loyola University Chicago and the Athenian Policy Forum. This conference focused on the way globalization had radically altered the competitive environment in which firms and governments operate. Conference papers covered global monetary policy and other issues related to globalization. This volume contained seventeen of thirty-nine papers presented at the conference.

Edited by James A. Brox and Nicholas C. Baltas

Significant papers include:
• “Central Bank Transparency: Theory and Tests,” by Marc Hayford and A.G. Malliaris
• “Do Interest Rates Affect Inflation? Evidence from South-Eastern European Economies”
• “The Dominant Role of the State in the Contemporary International Economic and Political Environment,” by Spyros Roukanas