NEW! A Christian Critique of the University, 3rd ed. eBook
by Charles Malik

Late Medieval Liturgical Offices in Acrostic Form
by Tina Marshall (2011)

Tina Marshall’s Late Medieval Liturgical Offices in Acrostic Form: A Catalogue and Study builds on previous scholarship and research by Clemens Blume, Andrew Hughes and other scholars in locating, describing and cataloguing 42 liturgical acrostic offices found throughout continental Europe, composed between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries. Acrostic offices were a series of versified responseries sung as part of the liturgical worship of the Christian church, originally catalogued throughout the Analecta Hymnica medii aevi, 55 volumes of hymns published between 1886 and 1922. Hughes and others praise the book’s scholarship and depth of research into these important but all-but forgotten works of Medieval Latin literature.

What is a Feast? by Josef Pieper

What is a Feast? by Josef Pieper is a series of four essays from lectures originally delivered by Dr. Josef Pieper in 1981 for the Pascal lecture series on Christianity and the University. The Scottish Journal of Theology says, “[Josef] Pieper, the distinguished Catholic philosophical theologian from Munich, offers an original analysis of the theme ‘history and hope’ in dialogue with Kant, Marx, Lorenz and Teilhard … and affirms that salvation is nothing if it does not free us from death.”

A Christian Critique of the University by Charles Malik

A Christian Critique of the University by Charles Malik collects the lectures delivered by Charles Malik, former President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, for the 1981 Pascal Lectures. “Charles Malik is one of the most illustrious academic statesmen of our modern times…. This publication of his lectures… reflects an impressive contribution of the Pascal Lectures to Christian critical thinking in the twentieth century,” says Dr. David L. Jeffrey of the University of Ottawa, in Crux.