Reference Works

Reference Works

Konkordanz zu den Gesammelten Werken von Sigmund Freud
Ed. Samuel A. Guttman, Stephen M. Parrish, John Ruffing, and Philip H. Smith, Jr.

This 6 volume concordance to the German text of Sigmund Freud’s writings, the 18 volume Gesammelte Werke, offers over one million of Freud’s terms presented in-context and marked for frequency. This concordance to the German text of Sigmund Freud’s writings is a necessary complement to Strachey’s English translation of Freud and will enable a fresh and more sensitive understanding of Freud in both the social-science and the humanities.

The American Journal of Psychiatry: “These volumes belong in the library of every department of psychiatry and psychoanalytic institute.”

English Religious Poetry Printed 1477-1640: A Chronological Bibliography with Indexes

Roman R. Dubinski, ed. (1996)

Roman Dubinski’s chronological bibliography of English religious poetry contains 2,456 entries itemizing over 11,600 individual poems, comprising close to a million lines of verse. It includes original poems, translations, and excerpts in both English and Scots verse, but excludes verse found in dramatic or quasi-dramatic works. These broad criteria for inclusion make English Religious Poetry Printed 1477-1640 a rich source of bibliographic information on a wide range of poetic forms. Each entry records up to 20 fields of information, including the author (or translator), book title, STC number, copy examined, date, signature reference for each religious poem, title and first line of the poem, its verse form and number of lines, and up to 11 other fields of information.

English Studies in Canada calls it “a mammoth contribution to the bibliographical study of religious poetry of the period.”

Athenian Policy Forum

Publications of the forum included Journal of Economic Asymmetries and others

Volumes one to five consisted of two issues each, exploring economic policy, issues related to globalization and international policy are dealt with in depth. Today, the journal back issues offer a window into recent history in the post-911 era. The latest issue is volume six.

Volume Six: $150 (three issues)

Published from 2004 to September 2009, The Journal of Economic Asymmetries features guest editors X. Dassiou and D. Glycopa, with managing editor James Brox.

Volume 6 Issue 3 includes the following papers:
• “On the Optimality of the Freidman Rule with Costly Tax Enforcement,” by Marcelo Arbex and Anne Vilamil.