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Konkordanz zu den Gesammelten Werken von Sigmund Freud in 6 vols.

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Konkordanz zu den Gesammelten Werken
von Sigmund Freud
(6 volumes)

Samuel A. Guttman, Stephen M. Parrish,
John Ruffing, and Philip H. Smith, Jr. eds.


Samuel A. Guttman, M.D., Ph.D.
Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst & formerly neurophysiology research scholar at Cornell, Harvard & the Rockefeller Institute. Past President, American Psychoanalytic Association & the Psychoanalytical Association. Editor, Concordance to the Standard Edition of the Works of Sigmund Freud, as translated in to English by Lytton Strachey. Formerly Director of the Center for Advanced Psychoanalytic Studies, Princeton

Stephen M. Parrish, Ph.D.
Goldwin Smith Professor of English, Cornell University. General Editor of the 20-volume Cornell University Concordance Series, and of W. B. Yeats & Matthew Arnold concordances

John Ruffing, M.A.
Software Designer. Co-author of The Seafarer Hypertext Software for Anglo-Saxon Culture

Philip H. Smith, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor, University of Waterloo. Editor of concordances to the novels of Virginia Woolf, Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records



This 6 volume concordance to the German text of Sigmund Freud’s writings, the 18 volume Gesammelte Werke, offers over one million of Freud’s terms presented in-context and marked for frequency. This concordance to the German text of Sigmund Freud’s writings is a necessary complement to that of Strachey’s English translation of Freud. Bruno Bettelheim pointed out in Freud and Man’s Soul that the English translators thought and wrote as positivists, using scientific and medical terminology which stripped off the subjective and emotionally-imbued connotations of Freud’s language, with all its rich ambiguity and subtle nuances. The result has been an abstract, depersonalized, mechanized version which suppresses much of Freud’s original richness. For example, says Bettelheim, in translating Mutterleib (“womb”) as “uterus,” Strachey dissociates the terms from motherhood. This new concordance to the German text will enable a fresh and more sensitive understanding of Freud in both the social-science and the humanities.



  • Each term is contextualized within a full line of text.
  • Includes puns, nonsense words, and Freud’s approximations of child-like speech.
  • Abbreviations are exactly as they appear in the Gessamelte Werke.
  • Passages are referenced by volume and page number in the Gessamelte Werke, followed by the abbreviated title of the pertinent essay as well as its date of publication, so that it is possible to follow the evolution and historical context of Freud’s thinking.
  • Word-frequency is indicated in each entry.
  • The appendix ranks key words by frequency.


What scholars say about the Konkordanz:

“Only an astronomical metaphor suffices. In the field of Freudian studies, a star has just been born. Thanks to computer technology and the dedication of several researchers, we now have the Konkordanz, a complete alphabetical arrangement of every key word in the German edition of Freud’s works, the Gesammelte Werke. The Konkordanz is indispensable for analysts and scholars who seek greater precision in tracing the development and disappearance of Freud’s concepts and imagistic as well as metaphoric associations in which his theories are embedded. It follows that every creditable psychoanalytic society and any serious large library devoted to the history of thought should have a copy of the Konkordanz.”

Patrick J. Mahony, International Journal of Psychoanalysis (1996)


“No doubt: this is what Freud scholars have sorely missed and have been looking for for decades, a concordance to Freud’s Gesammelte Werke in the original German, fortunately including the Nachtragsband of 1987. We are deeply indebted to an enterprising Canadian publisher, generous donors, and the enormous work by indefatigable Samuel Guttman and his collaborators, to achieve for Freud what has long been a matter of course for researchers on Shakespeare, Goethe, the Bible, etc.”

Ernst Falzeder, Salzburg, Austria


What scholars say about the English Concordance:

“I would insist that my university library purchase a Freud concordance, and I would like to have one for my study at home. Nothing but a concordance will track down that elusive half-remembered quotation hiding at the edges of memory. Nothing but a concordance will permit the detailed study of a concept that underwent great change over Freud’s career. Nothing else will permit the tracing of the imagistic and metaphorical associations that reveal Freud’s own mental processes.”

Professor Norman Holland, Director Center for the Psychological Study of the Arts, State University of New York, Buffalo


“It was conceived, prepared, arranged, guided, and produced by a lot of human ingenuity, interest, zeal, goodwill, care, and perseverance and is clearly a labor of love as well as a technological feat. These… volumes… will guide scholars, teachers, writers, editors, and others. The perfection and scope of this concordance makes me stand in awe.”

Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic


“Freud’s genius created psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic view in psychiatry, and we have not learned all we can from his brilliant insights- and his mistakes. Just as technical advances allow for the extraction of oil from hitherto unaccessible or uneconomical sources, so also the computer technology underpinning this concordance facilitates the systematic mining of Freud’s Complete Psychological Works. These volumes belong in the library of every department of psychiatry and psychoanalytic institute.”

American Journal of Psychiatry


“This concordance will have considerable value for a considerable number of users. [It] is clear and easy to use… a significant addition to or complement of reference materials in that it permits specialized studies that are not otherwise possible to make.”

Psychoanalytic Quarterly


Konkordanz zu den Gesammelten Werken von Sigmund Freud in 6 Volumes

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