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Send My Roots Rain

Published Date: 08/01/ 2014

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This is the first collection of poetry from the up-and-coming poet born in Iran and currently studying in Canada. Farasha Euker writes that Dehghani’s poetry is “only the most recent in the ‘golden chain’ of Persian poets, though his work is unique in a number of counts. Firstly, Mortez is writing what could only be called authentic Persian poetry in the English tongue. Secondly, the poetry in this collection manages to unite the two dominant streams of Persian verse, namely the classical stream, which had love and mystical union as its theme, and the modern stream, which is unflinchingly dark, though in a counter-intuitively optimistic manner.”

“Each poem in this collection deserves an exhaustive commentary, but what can the scholar say that the reader cannot know better with their own heart? Each of Morteza’s poems exudes a certain undefinable presence, which must be felt to be understood… The hearts and souls of men and women in the modern world have become dried and shriveled, but spiritual verse can be akin to a watering of the soul.”
-Farasha Euker, Introduction

Send My Roots Rain. 70 pp.
ISBN 0-92105-36-7 (paper)ISBN 0-92105-38-3 (library edition)
….$19.99 CDN (paper) $49.99 CDN (library)

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